conference room booking system Room Booking software can be a great alternative to give a corporate approach to the working pattern in any company. In many cases, it has been noticed that it results into a clash among teams for having conference rooms. Sometimes, team members need privacy to discuss a few matters or some room is required, such as in technical companies or ISPs where different rooms have different access, in these cases, it becomes utmost necessary to have a professional approach and use a software to streamline the management. BookItWise is one such Conference room booking system whose features makes it unique among all such products.

Features of BookItWise – A Conference Room Booking System

  • A user can anytime get the status of conference room or meeting room
  • It can keep track of users in the meeting room at the same time.
  • Manages hours of employees using the room as well as the time room was in use
  • Common tool for entire company with a centralized web based system
  • Integrated with Microsoft outlook
  • Can be integrated with VisitLog
  • Open interface, anyone can have a look at who has booked and at what time.
  • On booking a room all attendants will be informed at a time via email about the meeting, time and agenda.
  • Reservation of rooms can be cancelled, extended or rescheduled even from outside the meeting room
  • It also shows the type of equipment and number of places available in a room
  • Meeting Room Booking software reduces administrative burden and ultimately proves to be cost efficient for the company
  • It is safe and secure for the information of the company and all action are done through an HTTPS secure connection
  • It can also an interface for company’s which have offices in many locations, a pin code based access can be given.

If you are in a service industry, then it is required to move out of company or any business demands outside visits or visitors coming to your company. Keeping this requirement in mind, BookItWise is designed in such a way that it is also available as Mobile Room Booking System.

Mobile Room Booking System is accessible anytime on the go. It is a web based interface. You don’t need to download any application, which makes it pleasing for visitors to also call for meeting prior to entering your premises or schedule an advance meeting through this feature. Your staff is also not required to have a laptop or computer to book a meeting, but just a mobile.

A very presentable, easy to understand graphic design, which makes it easier for anyone to have an overview of availability of rooms and book it as per convenience.

BookItWise can be used and accessed by the staff, admin, manager or visitors depending upon the role and authority assigned in the system configuration at the time of installation. You can also configure it as and when required. Area wise room allocation or level wise room allocation segregation can also be set in BookItWise.