Room Booking System


Room Reservation System

BookitWise room reservation system allows users to see the availability of rooms and resources with the colour shade time grid, for a particular day or particular week.

BookitWise room reservation system book various periods easily.

User can book different rooms in the meantime – no need for multiple data entry or not required to enter data various times without any genuine reason.

All reservation will shows brief description about the respected bookings.

Bookitwise room reservation system helps you to expand your room space, decrease administrator time and bring more booking methodologies into your worldwide working environment – all in one solution, online-framework.

It handles your meeting room bookings, coordinates with MS Outlook, manages resources, video conferencing and visitors.

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Meeting Room Reservation

Bookitwise room reservation system helps you to maximise your meeting room space, reduce admin time and introduce smarter booking processes into your global workplace – all in one central, web-based system.

It handles your meeting room bookings, integrates with MS Outlook or MS exchange server, manages hospitality, video conferencing and visitors.

Uniting with Microsoft Outlook® and the Exchange Server, Resource Reservation System empowers you to quickly and sufficiently find the most relevant rooms having any kind of needs and services.

Resource reservation System provides all the facilities like showing availability of meeting rooms, selected particular pictures of different kind of meeting rooms, Capacity of the rooms and resources available at rooms.

Also extract the overview of the meeting rooms at different location.

rumbokingssystem product
rumbokingssystem product

Conference Room Reservation Software

It can likewise associate with outsider feature conferencing System, offering more excellent simplicity and adaptability when directing your worldwide business.

With smarter, more efficient VC booking the possibility of something going wrong is significantly reduced.

This enhances the video conference experience for everyone, which can often be affected by lack of co-ordination and communication.

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Resource Reservation System

All catering and resources, such as video conference, projector can be booked directly from Bookitwise room reservation system.

Your service providers and vendors can update the web-based application with the correct notice time, cost codes and available stock levels.

It reports of correct invoices, expenses and available resources levels for future booking.

User can book meeting room, conference room and reserve resources directly with the help of Microsoft Outlook and Exchange integration.

Clients can book meeting rooms and add facilities like Video conference and resources, hence they don’t have to leave meeting rooms for extra services.

rumbokingssystem product

MS Outlook & MS Exchange Integration

Bookitwise room reservation system can fully integrate with your current system by connecting to your calendar application user can arrange a meeting, invite attendees, book a room, order catering and book resources in one simple process with BookItWise. All this and many more functionality is just a few click process!

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Integrated with Visitlog Visitor System

The characteristic of Visit Log gives your visitors a consistent, bother free experience upon entry. It welcomes visitors, print guest passes and consequently inform the host when visitors arrive. It can additionally incorporate with your current security frameworks to accelerate visitor check-in and check-out with ease.

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Great Cost Savings With Bookitwise

Track catering and related expenses for meetings and occasions. Allocate expense codes and assign to finance for invoicing or inside charging. Easily manage catering and administration cost. BookitWise can track expense for rooms and resources in a booking and bill against the particular expense code.

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Complete Suite of Services
complete service

On social occasion room reservation system is versatile to the requests of your business. You can include different locations, make clients, administrators, sellers; and distribute them to areas, rooms and assets. You can make business with complete services, like check-in and check-out times for rooms and resources.

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