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BookitWise Overview – Whole Day Action Glimpse…!!!

BookitWise Overview is the system which informs the clients about their day bookings via digital signage over Bookitwise Overview.

It gives information to the guests and visitors about the rooms that they can book.

This module integrates seamlessly with the conference reservation system providing a reliable solution to the visitors and clients for conducting any conferences.

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Fast Identification

BookitWise Overview welcomes all the visitors with the professional information signage solution, regarding the current meetings going on which would avoid the interruption or any misunderstanding and solve the reservation queries promptly.

It also gives comprehensive information to the visitors about the upcoming reservations done and the time of when the activity will begin.

booking visa screen

booking screen

Simple To Organize & Use

This system of Bookitwise allows to manage the details of large number of room at once.

It can be set up on Wall or free standing at the Entrance and easy to install.

BookitWise Overview is an easy-to-use and flexible enough to meet the demands of the clients.

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Customize & Configure

Bookitwise Overview can be customize to reflect company’s profile & accordingly appearance can be customize.

Bookitwise Overview might be arrange to room view or list view that could be reflect in picture and scene modes.

Overview provides quick overview of the today’s activity & availability of rooms in Room Overview

List Overview provides all the information about todays meetings in a list overview.


Bookitwise Overview is updated automatically, as meetings are updated, added or edited.

Once the meeting is done, it will disappear off the system’s screen, get updated with latest information on display.

Bookitwise Overview integrates with:

  • MS outlook
  • MS Exchange server
  • Google Calendar


Why BookitWise Overview?

It makes it easy for the visitors to determine where and when their meeting will be conducted.
It gives precise information with the appearance that matches the company’s logo and colors.
It synchronizes with other systems and updates the list of meetings automatically and immediately.
It saves the costs compared to complex and customized solutions with non-editable content.
It is a web-based solution and is independent of the hardware.

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bookitwise valuable customers
bookitwise valuable customers
bookitwise valuable customers
bookitwise valuable customers
bookitwise valuable customers