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    BookitWise: A Customer-Oriented Conference Room Booking System

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    Bookitwise Software provides the customer-led Booking of Conference Rooms, serving the clients in the manner they expect. Booking of Conference Rooms through this software is cost-effective as well as service-effective which will manage not only internal events of a company but also the external events. BookitWise provides best Conference room booking system which works as conference room booking software for booking of conference room & conference meetings.

    Availability To Search Easily

    The procedure of this Conference Room Booking System comprises of searching the availability of meeting and conference rooms and accordingly reserve rooms and other resources.

    Customize Feature

    BookitWise is a customer oriented Conference Room Booking System which also offers the customization feature, where, the clients can make changes in the system as they think fit.

    Instant Host

    Booking of Conference Rooms done could be checked by the instant host to determine the duration of the meeting and also the availability of conference rooms.

    BookitWise Advantages

    Usable and Secure

    An easy-to-use software ensuring extreme security, user-friendliness, features to use with ease with compatibility.[/animation]

    Web Based System

    Conference Room Booking is a Multi-purpose Web Based Software System. Being entirely web based, it requires no installation and is accessible on most computer systems.

    BookitWise Advantages

    Client Flexibility

    A Customizable Conference Room Booking System which is fully-hosted and serves the clients with optimizing flexibility.

    User Friendly

    Quick and easy setup of Room Booking System is user-friendly and flexible enough for the clients to adapt to it, instantly. It is always accurate as well as a cost-effective accommodation booking system.

    Bookitwise Makes Conference Room Booking Easier!

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    Booking of Conference Rooms via BookitWise, Why?

    conference room booking

    • Most preferred and established Conference Room Booking System in Sweden.
    • Integrated with Active Directory, Ms. Outlook and Ms. Exchange Server which would give an overview of the utilized and available rooms and resources.
    • This Conference Room Booking System could be accessed on mobile as well so the customers can make bookings anytime and from anywhere.
    • Most Cost-effective software promising all the security and reliability.
    • Integrated with Visitlog – Visitor Management System which will notify the host of the meeting regarding the arrival of the expected guests.
    • Time-Saving and reduces human work-load maintaining all the efficiency

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